Qualifications to be an ITIP Member
i. Any corporation that is an existing client of IBM at the time of application for membership may become a member of the Association.
ii. Membership to the Association shall be limited to corporations (hereinafter referred to as Corporate Member).
iii. A Corporate Member is entitled to designate a maximum of six (6) representatives (hereinafter referred to as Member Representative)
iv. The Member Representative must be officially endorsed by the Corporate Member.
v. Each Member Representative must belong to the official IT organizational unit of the Corporate Member.

Application of Membership
i. Please complete and submit the Membership Form with the endorsement /signature by your IT Head for ITIP Board approval.
ii. Once approved you will received a notification e-mail.
iii. ITIP will send you a billing (Php 6,000.00 each for the membership fee)

a)     Group  membership  entitling six (6) representatives

b)     Individual membership is represented by  one  (1)  delegate only.

iv. Once you received the billing, please make a check payable to IT Interaction Philippines, Inc. and please advise for the availability of the check payment.



·        Attendance to all technical and non-technical sessions of the Interest Groups.

·        Attendance to all General Membership Meetings.

·        Attendance to the ITIP National Conference.

·        Participation in all ITIP activities

·        Right to vote during ITIP forums and elections.

·        Site visits of data centers from the various industries and sectors.

·        Interaction with the movers and innovators of the IT industry.


For further inquiries, you may call Ms. Neri Valenzuela at 8995-2181 / 0929-328-4114 or send email at

Cut off deadline for New Membership Application: March 31, 2020




2020 ITIP Calendar of Events

* Dates are subject to change

February 27 (Thursday) - Interest Group, Security

March 19 (Thursday) - Interest Group, Cloud / Infra

March 16 & 23 (Monday) - Bowling Tournament

April 16 (Thursday) - Interest Group, Digital Transformation

May 14 (Thursday) - Interest Group, MY Cinema

May 28 (Thursday) - Anniversary

June 11 (Thursday) - Interest Group, Security

June 18-20 (Thurs - Sat) - CXO Event

July  23 (Thursday) - Interest Group, Cloud / Infra

August 13 (Thursday) - Interest Group, Digital Transformation

August 17 & 24 (Monday) - Bowling Tournament

September 22 (Tuesday) - GMM

October 8 (Thursday) - Interest Group, MY Cinema

November 11 to 14 (Wed to Sat) - National Conference

December 3 (Thursday) - Christmas Party