What is I.T.I.P.?

IT Interaction Philippines (ITIP) is an independent organization of key IT leaders and practitioners that promote direct interaction with all essential stakeholders in the information technology and digital space. We are a self-governing independent private non-profit organization with the aspiration to provide our members and the leading information technology providers, with the proper venue and opportunities for information exchange and interaction in very learning conducive events.


ITIP is not only more attuned with the latest development in Communication and Information Technology but has evolved in the last twenty (20) years into a stronger organization, having a louder voice and greater visibility in the IT community both in the public and private sectors




Mission & Vision Statement

To promote research and development, as well as the exchange and dissemination of information and experience pertaining to the use of computer hardware and software; 

To strengthen and formalize the organization of active links with vendors, sponsors, business partners, and other IT organizations to promote information technology sharing.


Mission Achievement

To achieve this, we want to nurture an environment that drives active participation and dynamic teamwork among Board and organization members while promoting professional and personal development. We develop active linkages with vendors, sponsors, business partners and other IT organizations to promote information technology sharing thereby maximizing benefits to member companies.